about the project

The aim of this project is the development of Linux device drivers and user space programs for the Siemens Gigaset 307x/SX2x5 family of ISDN DECT bases.

The drivers connect the base to the Linux system, either through a direct USB connection or through one of the DECT data devices M101 (serial) or M105 (USB). They provide integration with Linux ISDN subsystems CAPI and/or ISDN4Linux for making ISDN connections through the base, as well as character devices for direct access to its AT command interface.

User space front-end programs provide access to the device configuration, journal log, and additional features like SMS.

current status (2014-09-28)

All drivers are part of the standard kernel. They support data (HDLC) and voice connections, outgoing and incoming, through direct USB connection to the base as well as cordless DECT devices M101 (RS232) or M105 (USB).

CAPI is the recommended ISDN subsystem since kernel release It supports popular CAPI 2.0 applications such as pppd with capiplugin, Asterisk with chan_capi, capifax or jAnrufmonitor. Support for ISDN4Linux applications is maintained via the compatibility module capidrv.ko. For details, see the drivers page.

For support in kernel releases before, see the old kernels page.

supported devices

The following table lists the devices known to work with this release.

Siemens product compatible products
Gigaset 3070 isdn Sinus 45 isdn (Deutsche Telekom)
Vox Chicago 390 ISDN (KPN Telecom)
Gigaset 3075 isdn Sinus 45 AB isdn (Deutsche Telekom)
Gigaset 4170 isdn Sinus 721 X (Deutsche Telekom)
Gigaset 4175 isdn Sinus 721 XA (Deutsche Telekom)
Gigaset SX205isdn Sinus 721 X SE (Deutsche Telekom)
Gigaset SX255isdn
Gigaset SX303isdn
Gigaset SX353isdn
Gigaset M105 data
Gigaset USB Adapter DECT
Sinus 45 data 2 (Deutsche Telekom)
Sinus 721 data
Chicago 390 USB (KPN Telecom)
Gigaset M101 data Sinus 45 data 1 (Deutsche Telekom)

There is also limited support (unimodem mode only) for using the DECT data devices with the following ISDN DECT bases:

Siemens product compatible products
Gigaset CX100isdn Sinus 721 (Deutsche Telekom)
Gigaset SX100isdn Sinus 721 Komfort (Deutsche Telekom)
Gigaset SX150isdn
Gigaset CX203isdn
Gigaset CX253isdn Sinus 721 PA (Deutsche Telekom)
Gigaset SLX740isdn Sinus 721 MMS (Deutsche Telekom)

The Gigaset M34 / Sinus 702 data USB adapter does not work with these drivers. Its USB interface is completely different from that of the M105. Gigaset won't provide any information about it. As a consequence we are unable to add support for that device.

We lack information about other models (in particular, the newer CX 34x / SX 44x / Sinus 722 series bases) so we cannot say whether they will work with our drivers. If you own such a beast you are welcome to try them and report the results.

getting started

For information on how to get your Gigaset device recognized by your Linux system, read the drivers page or, if your system uses an older kernel release than 2.6.34, the old kernels page.

If you are interested in doing more with your Gigaset than just using it as an ISDN card for your Linux PC, have a look at the front-end programs page afterwards.