gigaconf(8)                        Linux System Administration                        gigaconf(8)


       gigaconf - Gigaset base configuration


       gigaconf [option] ...


       gigaconf  accesses  the  Gigaset  base configuration and writes the result to its standard
       output or to a file in XML format.

       All options are processed in the order specified.


       The following options may be given to gigaconf.

       -e [-]list, --extension [-]list
              Limit output to the settings corresponding to the comma-separated list of extension
              Extension numbers are two-digit numbers specifying one of the devices connected to,
              or integrated in, the Gigaset base.  (Cordless phones, analog ports, integrated USB
              port, cordless datasets, or integrated answering machines.)  Extension number 0 may
              be used for the base itself, ie. for those configuration settings not referring  to
              any specific device.
              Ranges  may  be specified with two numbers separated by a hyphen or colon.  If list
              is prefixed by a hyphen, the selection is inverted, ie. the extensions specified in
              list are excluded from processing.
              Repeated  use  of  this  option  adds to or subtracts from the previously specified
              list. The sum of all given lists is applied for the actual operation  of  the  pro-

       -o file, --output file
              Write output to file file.  The default is the program's standard output stream.

       -d file, --device file
              Use  device  file file to communicate with the driver.  The default is /dev/ttyG or
              the path given by the GIGASET environment variable.

       -x file, --homerpar file
              Use  XML   file   file   to   control   gigaconf's   operation   The   default   is
              /usr/local/lib/homerpar.xml or the path given by the HOMERPAR environment variable.

       -h, --help
              Print a summary of the command line usage of gigaconf and exit.

       -v, --verbose
              Increase the number of diagnostic messages.

       -q, --quiet
              Reduce the number of diagnostic messages.  Repeated -v or  -q  options  accumulate,
              one -q option canceling one -v option.


       To  dump  the  entire configuration of the base connected via USB to a file in the current
       directory, use

              # gigaconf --device /dev/ttyGB0 --output cfgout.xml

       To display just the configuration settings corresponding to the cordless phones, try

              # gigaconf --extension 11:18


              XML configuration parameter description file controlling the operation of gigaconf.
              Should  be  copied  from  the  original  software distribution corresponding to the
              firmware version of the accessed Gigaset base.


              Path to the device file to use for accessing the Gigaset base.
              Default: /dev/ttyG

              Path to the XML configuration parameter description file to use.
              Default: /usr/local/lib/homerpar.xml


       Error messages are written to the standard error stream.


       The ability to write back a saved configuration to the base is not yet implemented.


       Tilman Schmidt



gigaset-0.5.0                               2005-11-06                                gigaconf(8)

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