about the front-end tools

Besides accessing the ISDN line from PC applications, there are many more possible uses for the connection between the Gigaset and the PC, specifically:

These functions do not fit well into the Linux ISDN subsystem interface, so they are made accessible by a separate set of programs which we call front-end tools. There are currently three of them, all unfinished and still rather rough at the edges:


A command line program giving low-level access to (almost) all the functions of the Gigaset base and DECT adapters except those related to actual ISDN connections. Read the man page to see what it can do and how to use it.


A tool for retrieving the configuration of the Gigaset base in XML format. Intended to eventually become a general configuration tool for use in scripting or with some graphical front-end. It has a man page, too.


An initial draft of a GUI application. So far it can make calls on behalf of an associated handset, send and receive SMS messages, and display a few exemplary configuration settings.

installing the front-end tools

The front-end tools are available as source (compressed tar archive) or RPM from the project file area. They can be installed just like any regular userspace program.

using the front-end tools

Details on using the front-end tools can be found in the README file and in the man pages for the gigacontr and gigaconf commands.